CBCC member interview – Michal Takac, Managing Director, Carun Pharmacy

Michal Takac is the owner and Managing Director of the first cannabis pharmacy in the UK, a pioneer and a visionary; his story brought him to products which he believes can help many people in the world. So, what’s this all about? And what's that got to do with Henry Ford?

How did you get into selling Carun products?

That’s a long story. I’ve been living in the UK since 2004 but in 2007 I had a serious industrial accident and lost three fingers on my left hand. I experienced terrible two years after the surgery and it was only when I tried Carun products I saw a massive difference within three weeks: I lost pain, stiffness, scars appearance improved and the wound healed well. From that moment I decided I had to tell the story as I want to help everybody who needs it.

Where do these products come from?

Everything is made in the Czech Republic, including growing cannabis in the Beskydy Moutains, and it is a Landscape Protected Area. The plant needs to be grown outdoors to ensure the best quality and we are able to produce huge quantities per year. Other companies typically use hemp seed extract but we use extract from the entire plant and we can preserve up to 90% of the active and effective ingredients, cannabinoids, which contributes to superb quality.

I believe the UK has a great potential - there is nothing like this here at the moment. Naturally, I would like to expand in the UK and also worldwide - at the moment I am in negotiations with a Chinese distributor.

Can you get high on these products?

No way. When making products, we isolate tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which gives the high. So nobody needs to worry; this is all legal; we have all approvals, clinical and dermatological studies, licences, certificates. These are basically skincare products which really work.

What kind of uptake has it had?

We are unique and it’s been great but it needs to get better. I think people are still scared as the products seem to be controversial but I am a living proof that this really works. People who bought our products have come back and thanked me and that’s the biggest reward. I am here to help. These products are natural, free of any chemicals.

How many Carun Pharmacies are in other countries?

In the Czech Republic there are currently 25 pharmacies, all franchised. Four have been opened in Poland and Carun is also looking at Austria, Germany and the US. And I am here in the UK; I would like to build the same franchise network. I am now looking for an investor – someone who’d be as passionate as I am, understand this mission and help Carun expand even globally in the future.

I understand that hemp does not have only medical use…

That’s right – hemp has been with us for many years. Did you know that Henry Ford’s first Model-T was built to run on hemp gasoline and car itself was constructed from hemp? The car ‘grown from the soil’ had hemp plastic panels the impact strength of which was 10 times stronger than steel. Hemp simply has huge potential in many industries.

What does the future hold for your business?

I just want to help others. I think you feel different about your business when this is something you truly believe in, something that really helped you. I only hope we will grow fast; there are a lot of people in the world who can ultimately benefit from Carun products.

Would you like to find out more about Carun products and how they can help you?
Visit: www.carun.uk


“I am on a mission. My objective is to raise awareness about cannabis and its healing effects in our products. I am a living proof this really works.” Michal Takac

Michal Takac in front of his pharmacy in Twickenham

Carun Pharmacy in Twickenham

Michal Takac with Tereza Urbankova and Lucie Barakova, members of the CBCC Executive Committee, at  the Czech Embassy in London, attending a lecture organised by the Czech National Trust  on the history of Prague Castle with distinguished Czech historian of architecture, professor Zdeněk Lukeš. The lecture was titled 'Prague Castle, communist bunkers and the Rolling Stones'.

By Tereza Urbankova, member of the CBCC Executive Committee

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