Webinar: Living and getting through the COVID-19 reality

Nick Archer, British Ambassador to the Czech Republic, shared his views on COVID-19 reality from the perspective of the British ambassador but also as a British citizen living in the Czech Republic.

Webinar: Living and getting through the COVID-19 reality

The Czech British Chamber of Commerce and the British Czech and Slovak Association had the privilege to host this insightful webinar with Nick Archer on 29 July 2020 at 4 PM - 5 PM BST.

Nick Archer shared his perspective on living and coping with as well as getting through the COVID-19 phenomena.

In addition, he touched on the following topics:

  • His views on how the trade relations between the UK and CZ post Brexit (and potentially post COVID-19) will develop
  • How COVID-19 changed the bilateral UK / CZ business and international trade
  • The restart - which industries are impacted most, which industries have the potential for rapid growth after the restart
  • Readiness and preparedness of the UK for Brexit and the impact of COVID-19 on Brexit

The webinar also offered the opportunity to ask Nick questions. 

About 70 participants dialled in, so thank you everyone for attending! Stay tuned for more CBCC events in the future! The webinar recording is available to CBCC members only.

Nick Archer is the British ambassador to the Czech Republic. Previously he served as ambassador to Denmark and High Commissioner to Malta. He attended St Chad’s College, Durham University, gaining a BA in English and German in 1982 and joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1983. From 1995 to 1997 he was First Secretary in Oslo, and from 1997 to 2000 he was Assistant Private Secretary to the Prince of Wales. In March 2006 he became the High Commissioner to Malta, remaining until August 2008. He later became the Ambassador to Denmark from 2008 until 2012. He then worked for 6 years for UK Trade & Investment, and was appointed Ambassador to the Czech Republic in January 2018. He was awarded the MVO in 2001.

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