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Gold Member - £300
Large Company (more than 250 employee) - £250
Small / Medium Company (less than 250 employees) - £150
Individual Member - £50
Associate (Student) - £20

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CBCC Gold Members

Granton is a provider of top-class technology experts for IT projects of big international companies. The company often stands in critical positions for the success of IT supply and/or fulfilment of business and technological investments.

Home - Granton

clearBorder helps businesses trade seamlessly across borders by providing:
  • online modular training suitable for individuals, teams or whole businesses to cut the risks and costs of trade across borders
  • independent consultancy to adapt businesses supply chains, systems and data management to maximise efficiency
  • expert insight into policy and technology shaping the future trade borders, to enable clients to maintain their competitive advantage

clearBorder - Online Training & Advice on International Trade

Foresight Cyber is a specialist cyber security company, proficient and experienced in managing clients’ Skybox Security application whilst ensuring clients acquire maximum gain from their Skybox investment. They are the only certificated Skybox Service Partner in EMEA. 

Foresight Cyber Ltd 

This Czech & Slovak restaurant/bar with a beer garden has been serving its customers since after WWII. It is the first and only Czechoslovak restaurant in London. 

Bohemia House - 1st Traditional Czechoslovak Restaurant

CBCC member interview - Jan Doskar, Principal Consultant, Rotarian and a CBCC long-standing member

On his departure from Czechoslovakia, his amazing career, many years of charity work through the Rotary Club, his vast travelling experiences, and so much more…
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Czech entrepreneur Dr Jan Telensky receives prestigious Dahrendorf Responsible Capitalism Award

Czech businessman living in the UK, Dr Jan Telenský, received the prestigious Lord Dahrendorf Award for responsible capitalism. The price was originally supposed to be received in March 2020, but due to the pandemic its submission was postponed.
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CBCC member interview - Mark Armitage, Director of Strategy, clearBorder

On his beginnings in Czechoslovakia, his interesting career path, how clearBorder helps businesses overcome gaps in international trade knowledge and so much more…
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We are hiring!

Join our Executive Committee to contribute to the success of the Czech British Chamber of Commerce, gain invaluable experience and expand your network.
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CBCC member interview - Petr Torak MBE, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic

Petr Torak MBE talks about his interesting career journey from the arrival in the UK in 1999 till receiving MBE in 2015 and becoming an Honorary Consul in 2021 as well as his extensive work for migrant and underprivileged communities and so much more…
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